Natural wood defines tendencies of modern interior

Current interior design tendencies confirm that natural wood especially oak turns into an element of elegance, subtlety, organic contrast to industrial, artificial materials.

Let‘s review some of the recent projects, which were designed with oak flooring and create an impression of cosines, subtle harmony and moderate luxury.

SAMSUNG showroom in Vilnius

The interior, with thousands of people visiting, has specific requirements: from brand-to-product communication to cozy comfort, so that customers can analyze, interest, and ultimately decide to buy a new phone or equipment in a comfortable and engaging environment. The “Design Mat” team successfully solved the challenge by creating an intensive screen – blue and gray dynamic that is fragmented by the details of black furniture and other equipment.

The futuristic first impression is outweighed by the light oak flooring, which has a directional orientation as a way forward, leading from the entrance to the showroom, where visitors are welcomed by staff, where a conversation about what’s most important – Samsung’s mobile equipment. The showroom accentuates the experience of the customer (Experience store), and the best experience takes place in a safe environment. It is created by the warm color of a natural tree that emits cosiness in bright shades, invites customers to stay, to keep the focus on the most important task – to experience what the best is offered by Samsung. Additional wooden details – cozy seats to sit or light colors as well as wooden furniture – enhance the visual contrast between technology and wood. The man becomes a connecting link, and has gone through new experiences warmed by oak coziness. [Samsung Experience store, Vilnius, Akropolis, „Dizaino matas“, foto L. Garbačiauskas].

„Cozy home – not always white“

Vismantė Tubelytė, head of the design studio Redeco, commenting on her new project for a young family in Vilnius, emphasizes that cozy houses are not necessarily white. According to the housewife, the choice of colors and materials is one of the main tasks in creating a home coziness. This has resulted in more natural and pure materials at home: wood, metal, brown, green, gray colors…

Natural wood in a modern interior has played one of the main roles. The rich brown oak floor creates a base under your feet, hinting at the ground through which you can go barefoot. “We feel this through every detail – barefoot through the oak floor, seeing how light falls through the metal constructions – all this creates warmth, a desire to settle down and just enjoy staying at home,” says housewife Egle. According to designer V. Tubelytė, “beauty lies in simplicity”. [Foto „Citus,]

The oak inside resembles the breathing of nature

The natural need of man to approach nature is increasingly manifested by connecting images to the window, creating windows as wide as possible and combining with the natural wood used in the home interior.

Designed for a young family, all the details of the functional, exhausted space, and the view of the forest behind the window are opened at every step. Combined with swaying trees, smart oak flooring is a natural extension of the home.

Subtle undercoat retains natural wood holes, wavy twigs, natural wood shades accentuate the light color of the interior, reminiscent of the forest behind the window, the same brown moss, and the softness of the feet, as if the inhabitants of the house were going through a soft forest floor.

[Disigner Gabija Pažarskytė, foto K. Pauliukonis]

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