When classics meet innovation: oak in interior

Oak details not only create the impression of luxury, but also become a long-lasting option for interior due to its quality and strength. No wonder they remain a massive trend throughout the seasons, which ultimately makes them a fantastic choice, providing a stylish and classy look.

Apart from these features, oak brings a lot of comfort and safety. It’s a great conductor, suitable for heated flooring. All in all, consider it as a good investment in your interior no matter what you’re planning: housing, offices, commercial venues and many more will surely benefit from this selection.

Design:Laura Giržadė ,,Soft decor“; Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas

This season, take a look at earth tones primarily. Wooden details are a fantastic option there, so you won’t miss out while choosing them for your interiors. Also, think about the rustic style and bold yet natural colours: grey, light blue or even dark shades will look distinctively, but not eclectic at all. As a result, you’ll be able to make the most of original and timeless interiors.


Design: Simona Vilutė; Photographer: N.Tukaj

At Oak Style we collaborate with the client during each step when choosing their wooden flooring, the brand offers a wide range of high-quality oak options. Apart from multiple shades and finishes, the clients particularly love three-layered constructions, ensuring even more stability and comfort both inside and outside. Being an eco-conscious brand, Oak Style provides not only high quality but also sustainable solutions for any space.

Photographer: N. Tukaj

Excellent client experience is the number one priority for us. Each detail is made according to your individual requirements. Working this way, we can focus on each need more thoroughly, while providing an opportunity to create your unique dream home in a hassle-free way. We focus on engineering our client services to the same quality and standards as our high-end flooring.


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