We are expanding the production of high-quality herringbone oak flooring

High-quality oak flooring is an eternal classic. Wooden flooring maintains its position at the top of popularity charts, as more and more people choose this flooring patter made of natural wood. We grow together with the increasing number of customers because we can offer the market extremely high-quality floorboards. We started producing our floorboards in our group company ECOWOOD using new and modern machines.


This is one of the latest recent investment projects – computerized automated machines that can cut boards at the precisely accurate required angle. As many are aware, floorboards may be cut at  30°, 45°, 90°, depending on the desired pattern. After cutting floorboards for “herringbone” pattern at a precisely accurate angle, qualified specialists install the flooring precisely, without any gaps, and following an even pattern.

Precision requires not only equipment but also highly-qualified specialists. Every employee in a modern factory is a professional who has mastered technology. One person operates one modern floorboard production machine: he places blank in a cassette and enters the parameters for “herringbone” in the machine’s computer. From there the machine does the rest: the first module cuts the ends of the blank at the required angle, the second module firmly presses the blank at several points and precisely mills the ends of the blank with two milling cutters (both symmetrically at the same time), thus making precise angles and joints – tongue and groove.

Clients choose our wooden flooring not only for its precision. The secret of quality lies in the engineering product itself: floorboards may be three-layered: oak-birch-oak, or two-layered: oak-birch. Such a product is perfect for heated floor, durable and long-lasting. If produced and installed professionally, the flooring will serve for a long time.


The growing export of floorboards to the Baltic States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and Poland is not surprising. Customers in these neighboring country are increasingly discovering and appreciating the quality achieved by the Lithuanian manufacturer.

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