Oak flooring is an engineering structure that ensures strength and durability

When ordering oak flooring, every customer wants a beautiful, strong, long-lasting and durable floor on which not only children but also grandchildren will run. ECOWOOD oak flooring is an engineering product:

  • 2-layer floorboards construction has a 3.5 mm layer of European oak, glued on high-quality “Ecoboard” panel or birch plywood;
  • 3-layer floorboard construction has two layers of 3.5 mm European oak. 7.5 or 11 mm birch plywood is used for the middle layer.

The “Ecoboard” PUR (made in Germany) is probably the only OSB panel suitable for the production of flooring

The “Ecoboard” panels we use are made using polyurethane (PUR) adhesives, so it does not emit formaldehydes into environment and are resistant to moisture.

Due to the use of this adhesive, ECOWOOD floorboards made on “Ecoboard” basis does not “Ecobood” and does not crumble if exposed to moisture. “Ecoboard” panel we use is E1 certified, what is the highest environmental class in Europe today. The oak layer is glued down to the “Ecoboard” panel using PUR glue, which does not contain formaldehydes.

Recommended: always ask which materials are used for the production of flooring. Be demanding buyers worthy of the highest quality. Always ask what type of glue is used to produce the floorboards. Formaldehyde-free glue is a more favorable environment for your home.


Features of “Ecoboard” PUR panels manufactured in Germany:

  • High strength and stability.
  • Suitable for flooring manufacturing.
  • Suitable for use as an airtight layer or vapor barrier.
  • Harmless, certified by an independent government agency as safe for use with food.
  • Formaldehyde-free adhesives are used for the production of “Ecoboard” PUR panels and are resistant to moisture.
  • High quality confirmed by regular external inspections.
  • Raw materials are sourced only from the responsible forest and timber industry.
  • “Ecoboard” PUR panel is certified for use in wet areas.

2 layer construction with ecoboard base

Birch plywood in flooring is a classic approach

Birch plywood is a very common material in flooring production – most flooring manufacturers use birch plywood as a base for engineered flooring. We use high quality birch plywood from well-known and reliable manufacturers. In this way, we can assure durability, stability and environmental friendliness.

Where are the dangers of buying cheap product? Birch plywood is multi-layered. To reduce the price, some manufacturers use cheap, low quality glue, which can cause peeling off the plywood. Not to mention formaldehyde – usually found in cheap glue – emitted into the environment!
Recommended: choose responsibly and wisely, ask about the plywood manufacturer, what specifications are provided, what glue is used and guarantees are given. Cheap today – may become more expensive tomorrow. Choose your flooring wisely!

2 layer construction with plywood base

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    Keep in touch!

    We will contact you within 1 working day for an individual offer.